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    Changing Valves on a 2005 RXP!

    Hello Guys!

    I would like to change my valves on the 2005 RXP with 56hours on it. What tools do I need and how much time do I need to do that? Is it possible to use the valves from a 2011 Seadoo GTX 260IS on the 2005 RXP? The thing because I ask is, that I probably would put in supertech valves into the GTX IS260 with 44 hours and use the used ones for my RXP 2005! Thanks for help!

    greetings from germany


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    do you plan on going to 9000 or more with the 2011
    if not then just springs and keepers is all it needs
    the old 05 needs everything

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    What I plan is probably selling the Riva RXP, but it should be safe for the next owner so that the engine will not blown. But I thought, instead of putting new valves into an engine that I probably will sell is better for me, to put the better valves into the engine that I will still drive. So will the GTX valves will fit the RXP engine?

    thanks Marc

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    Yes they are the same and they will work in the RXP

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