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    Xl 1200 voltage alarm

    Ho, today went for a ride with my xl 1200 and all of a sudden while driving i got the voltage alarm. Kept driving and went home and checked battery voltage with a meter and it reads 11.3v when off and 11.6 when started. What do you think is the problem? Jetski is still starting fine and didn, t have the alarm again when flushing it. What do you think guys?

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    its not charging. sounds like stator may have gone bad.

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    Ok, how can i check if the stator is charging or not?

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    get a service manual and measure the stator output as described, pretty sure the xl1200 regulator is in the electric box, might be located on the starboard side of the engine bay above the exhaust manifold.. Could be the regulator too..easy fix if the stator output is up to snuff. Stator replacement is a bit messier. If you find water in the electric box, that could be the cause of the problem as well.

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    Today i took of rectifier and tested it with a multimeter and tested it according to youtube and worked fine. Opened cdi box and found no water in the box, so i took of the flywheel cover and looks like the stator looks good. But i have to test it with a multi meter tomorrow. The coils are a bit dark but apart from that they look fine. The ski just gost 80hrs on it. Battery is 2 year old. Are you guys sure that it s not the battery? I don t beleive so because if it was the battery it would show 14v when jet ski running. Also i measured the voltage at the rectifier and it was giving out 0v and when i checked for alternating current going in the rectifier it marked 0v aswell. So really i don t know what s wrong. Need more help guys

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    if you need a rectifier i've got one you can have for whatever you want to pay.just be reasonable.
    they are very tricky to test.

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    Checked stator this morning and resistance is fine. So stator is good aswell. Will check the rectifier again later on today

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    The best way to check the battery is to hold the leads of a multimeter on the batt terminals while someone cranks it over, if your voltage drops below 9v while cranking your batt is toast.
    I had this happen when my son stopped in the middle of a lake and it wouldn't start, batt read 13+volts resting, but when cranked it droped to almost nothing. I dont think a battery will charge with a dead cell?
    I also had it happen on my motorcycle. If your battery stays above 11v while cranking, your battery is fine.

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    Today i checked stator and looks fine and gave it a clean with contact cleaner and assembled everything again. Now i have 40v ac coming out of the stator when jet ski running but no voltage is coming out of rectifier regulator. This means thet rectifier is cooked??

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    most likely.

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