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Thread: 125 to 137 hp

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    125 to 137 hp

    new to honda's. what did honda do to raise the horse power from 125 to 137 on the f12 non turbo skis? and this fuel tank recall is it for all f12 skis or just the f12x turbo? i was at a dealer and if i understood correctly what i was told it only applies to certain vin#'s ? something to do with the spray honda recommended to customers to help protect the turbo's? this dealer is new and has never dealt with the honda watercraft. thanks in advance!!!

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    I found an article a few days ago about how the 2005 was revised a little to give this HP boost. The obvious thing is that the intake box is totally different. The pump is slightly different too for 2005 up N/A. They also have a different ECM, so probably some mapping in there. It's not a lot, but definitely a few MPH difference. If I can find one, I will trade my 2006 F-12X for a 2005-2007 F-12. They are almost the same speed with none of the turbo lag or problems.

    I love the instant response from my 2003 F12, but it lacks top speed. Only getting 50mph, and 53 by GPS for a short time in perfect glass conditions. It is a blast for jumping and playing due to the instant throttle response. I prefer it in the ocean where you can't go that fast anyway.

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    thank you!!

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    Yea they raised the rpms and added dual valve springs the ECU is a different number than a 04 and later

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