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    Crank Seal question

    Ok Guys as I'm mid rebuild and the engine was out i figured i would crack open the crankcase and inspect the seals! Upon opening the flywheel cover i noticed it was DRENCHED in oul and cracking it open led to a nice size puddle of oil, is that normal? I was under the assumption the cover should be free of any oils, which would lead me to believe the crank seals were bad? I am not entirely sure if I have this correct though so i figured i'd ask.
    Also Any Guides on how to replace these seals?

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    front seal is bad....

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    Quote Originally Posted by dontknowcrap View Post
    front seal is bad....
    I kind of figured that, but wasn't 100% sure. So the front seal is bad allowing oil to get in the flywheel cover? Would that have caused my 90psi compression throughout and no start in water? Any specific way to clean out the flywheel cover?

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    You can use some kind of electrical cleaner like contact cleaner or similar. If you leave the electrical parts in, be sure you clean those also, and use something that leaves no residue. Be sure to stone the case mating surfaces to ensure a smooth, leak free assembly. I stone the case mating flanges, the intake reed surfaces, and the cylinder mating surfaces and head surface. Be sure to remove the locating pins, and use a generous amount of lube. ..wd40 works great. Be sure to wash everything to remove all grit and residue

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