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    Starting issues 95' sl750

    Hi i just purchased a 95' sl750 and am having issues starting the machine. If I pull spark plugs off and give them a shot of starting fluid the machine will fire up after some cranking. Machine will start and run just fine once it has been started. Any suggestions on why it is having an issue getting started initially??

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    Starting fluid is rather hard in these engines. Prime the carburetors with a small amount of gasoline instead.

    Have the carburetors been rebuilt in recent memory? If not, see my signature links for the common maintenance items on the blue Fuji engines.

    These engines require the entire fuel system and carburetors to be in 100% good condition internally. Otherwise there is a real risk of engine damage due to lean burn. This can happen quite quickly, even if it seems to be running 'not too badly' at the time.

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    Does the ski have choke? When using choke, be sure to hold the throttle wide open to draw fuel to the carbs quicker.

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    I would guess carbs have been rebuilt.
    Ski does have choke i will try that next time!

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    sorry meant to say have NOT been rebuilt.

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