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    Looking at buying a couple hondas

    2008 F-15X 65 hours
    2007 F-12X 81 hours

    $12,000 with double trailer
    I only really want 1 but they r a package deal

    I was looking at the Yamaha 07/08 fxho last year ,just never found anything and due to surgery really wasn't in a hurry. Now I find myself looking again and came across these Hondas. I had no intentions of buying turbos but they seem to be priced well.
    They may have been in salt water but have been in fresh water the last couple years and I only ride fresh water.. I here the salt plays a bit of trouble with turbos..

    Should I stay away from turbos

    What do I need to check when looking at them ?
    Be sure they have clean oil and maybe test drive to make sure oil hasn't just been changed to sell them ?
    Inspect impellers.
    how do I know that the turbos r working properly
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    There are plenty of threads about shopping for these skis with turbos and how to check them. For starters, there should be no rust or corrosion inside the engine bay, just minimal rust on the turbo area if they were properly cared for. Corrosion around the jet pump area is also a bad sign. Ride them about 30 min each before buying. The F-12X should get up to low 60s MPH range if the turbo is working properly. If you pass 20 min, then the ECM is probably good. Those are the main points of failure. I don't know much about the F-15X, but I guess it should be similar.

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    Yes been searching and reading other posts for 3 hrs now, but have not found what I am looking for, I am sure it is here just haven't found yet
    Could u clarify corrosion around the jet pump area ?
    r u talking as in pump stator/ wear ring area
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    Yes. I never noticed before I had a problem with the jet pump on my new 06, but my 03 has a lot of corrosion on the jet pump stator housing and cone. Actually missing a couple of fins on the cone and a hole through the outer wall of the stator. I will get that replaced soon, but it still works. The problem with my 06 was that the inner wall of the stator (aka "wear ring") is a stainless piece pressed into an alum. casting. They can swell and warp causing bumps inside the wear ring that will chew up your impeller and generally cause a headache as mine did. The wear ring is not serviceable, you have to replace the whole stator housing which requires pressing in new bearings and seals. The 06 acutally has minimal evidence of corrosion around the pump area, and failed, but the 03 has lots of corrosion and has not failed... go figure? I would just say to avoid any ski that has a lot of obvious corrosion around the metal parts on the business end, it's just a sign of neglect. The pump rebuild will run you $400 from skidoc and a new impeller is $150-300 depending on stock or Solas.

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