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    Jet pump new bearing an seal installed on rxp 215 07

    Hi, have just rebuild a jet pump with jet pump rebuild kit,
    Everything went smooth.

    But my only concern is when after i mountet the 2 last seals thats going over the impeller shaft,
    I noticed the shaft wouldnt turn as easy ass the old one.
    It goes around when i turne it with my hands. But i cant spinn it like it used to with the old sealings on.
    Is it the seals that are holding the shaft when i try to spinn it around. Is this normal that its a bitt slow after you have put on new seals. Because before i put on the seal, the bearing was gliding wery good

    Best regards stein

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    the new seals do put a lot more resistance on the shaft so it will be harder to turn. sounds normal to me

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    perfect example of worn seals and un-lubricated bearings if you can spin it that easy before, sounds like it went together fine

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