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    F-12X no acceleration power

    I just installed a brand new complete jet pump and Solas 17/29 impeller. The walls of the original pump swelled and chewed up the impeller. I also installed a new hull bearing.. It felt really good for a short time, but now I think I have some kind of turbo problem.

    Now it is accelerating VERY slow. Eventually it will get up in the 50+ mph range, but it takes FOREVER. It's like I hit the gas and it just sits about 5 seconds, then slowly climbs onto plane. From 20-45 it accelerates OK, then it won't go much faster. When I let go of the throttle after this, sometimes it will stall out. It does idle just fine if I do nothing but idle, and I can't tell anything when running on the hose. I also have brand new plugs in it at the same time I changed the pump. I did not think I needed to check any gaps, just put them in there, the NGK branded OEM plugs.

    I'm thinking possibly the Turbo/Wastgate Control Solenoid? Or maybe the wastegate stuck open? The RPM tops out around 5600. I need to do the test for the WGS and double-check that the turbo is spinning, but the turbo felt fine last time I checked. Maybe put the old plugs back in and see if that changes anything. It was running pretty good before the pump drama, except making a knock sound and vibration at idle.

    Any other ideas?

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    I talked to Honda skidoc today. I found my fairly new oil was a little cloudy. It seems I will be doing a lot of cursing while removing and replacing the exhaust manifold and pumping a lot of oil changes.

    For anyone having these symptoms, it is caused by a hole corroded in the exhaust manifold letting water into the turbo through the exhaust and killing your boost, then eventually the water enters the oil and you have a big problem. It's a known failure point. Water likes to sit in the manifold cooling passages and corrode through.

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    did you get a new manifold yet.

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    I got an almost new manifold from someone that bought it new, ran it for an hour, and then figured out the engine had bigger problems and decided to do a part-out. I have it in hand, it looks great, looks like new in the water passages, only a little carbon in the exhaust passage, mating surface and exterior look like brand new. I managed to save a couple hundred bucks on that part.

    I had to fight to get my turbo/WG assembly off the old manifold, but it's off and I painted the whole assembly with high-temp ceramic paint. I'm just waiting on some hardware and gaskets to put it all back together.

    I had to soak some of the parts, like the caps where the water entered the manifold, in salt-away to get the deposits off. It seems to work very slowly, turns the deposits to mush after a day, then falls off, or brushes off easy. I'm going to soak the whole cooling passage with SA mixture when I get it back together and running. I plan to fill up the cooling loop like winterizing, but full of the Salt-Away, let it sit for a day or 2, then flush it all out.

    I would like to replace the turbo oil lines since the ends are pretty rusty, but there is no way without removing the engine and I don't want to do that, mostly due to lack of proper facilities at my house, and the special alignment tools to re-install properly. If the oil lines leak, I will take it in for the gas tank recall and have them swap the oil lines when the engine is out for that.

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