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    2006 Seadoo RXT - S/C Done! +++ Need Help

    So I have been reading this site for over a year now and it is a great informative tool. I have a 2006 Seadoo RXT stock at this point. Let me give you a run down of what happened as I found a thread that the same thing happened but no follow up.

    A year ago the PWC was making a weird noise that was faint to hear but if you listen carefully you could hear it. Other than that it was running great. My wife at the time was very pregnant and I dropped her off and went for a boot and everything went fine. Coming in to shore I let of the trigger and it stalled out. Tried boosting and everything but noting, would not even turn over.

    Took it to a local Seadoo Shop (no longer in business) and they took it apart and charged me $400 and told me that they are not sure what it is and that it would be more to put it back together and they think it may be a tight crank. I took back the PWC and put the thing back together (pump, starter, and a few other easy items) I then took it to another dealer for diagnosis and it what only $50 (trying to claim on insurance) however they said it was internal engine damage and insurance would not cover it. The second dealership has been great in the meantime for information.

    I took the PWC back to my place and try starting it up and it idled beautifully for about 15-20min. I then gas a little gas and clink clang and stalled out again.

    I do have a shop manual and began to tear down the engine. I remove pretty much everything except the head and the block. When I removed the S/C I found the bearing spun out but after researching on the forum here I determined there are 7 bearing in the bearing pack and they were all there. I did at 40hours have the S/C removed and the metal washer put in as soon as I bought the PWC. It now has 88 hours on it. I took the S/C apart and the clutch had rubbed up against the S/C housing and created a lip so the housing and clutch are done! I also found a grey part in the TB, Silicon Intake tube and cooper IC inside the Intake Manifold. I have cleaned everything as it had mixed with oil and made it pasty. I look at the valves and no debris seems to make it in the Intake and the inside of the Intake Manifold it clean.

    I did remove the oil filter a did see a slight amount of slitter so I figured I would clean everything up and buy a couple of oil filters and oil and change the oil a few time and run the motor without the supercharger for 15-20 min intervals changing the oil to see what happens. I was going to remove the spindle from the S/C and use a piece of rubber in front of the S/C block hole and bolt the empty S/C back on, blocking the hole and preventing the oil from coming out.

    I the process I figured I will remove the front Oil Separator and check the sieve filter for the debris from the bearings. From the posts I knew I was looking for pieces of red plastic. Well when removed I found the plastic along with other metal debris I cannot identify. I have attached a photo. The oil pump (i tihink it is) does so some divotes when I took it apart also.

    My plan was a new X S/C with 42lbs injectors
    Riva Stage 1 Kit (impeller need to be replaced and figured might as well)

    I was going to order after I knew the motor was ok but with the aforementioned I am determining what my best course of action is. I cannot rebuild the motor myself as it is outside what I know.

    Any help is appreciated. Sorry to make this long, trying to make sure the information is there.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    You lost the bearings in the SC, and the debris you found in the picture is all the remnants...

    Since you have the motor torn down, you will need to pull it the rest of the way out and completely tear it down. There is still more smaller fragments that are in the motor that need to get flushed out...

    Plan for a full rebuild of the entire motor...Its gonna be a learning experience, but you have gotten a good distance so far, so it should not be hard for you from here on out...All parts are available through this forum, and post as many times as you need to get questions answered...

    Where are you located? There are many members everywhere, so if you are uncomfortable with some things, you can hook up with someone from the forum and get a wealth of information quickly...A few beers goes a long way when tackling a large project!

    OH, and welcome to the forum!

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    Thank you, I am in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. I was afraid of that answer. Timing chain, TDC, etc intimidates me as I know it is very precise and if something is out I know mechanically what can happen and I am not a mechanic in any sort of way. Would you suggest a scope to take a look inside first to see the damage as maybe it is not worth it to rebuild, new S/C, rebuild pump, etc?

    The remnants from the needle bearings in the S/C gear? It is quite shiny and curious where it came from?

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