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    Help with my 96 Tigershark Monte Carlo 640

    Im new to PWCs and recently brought a 96 Tigershark Monte Carlo 640 ... I seems to run fine when its just me riding it or me and another person ... But, when I go to pull a tube the back sinks and it cant get on top of the water and only goes 5 or 10 mph ...then last time I tried when I went to drain water at the end of the day it drained a ton more water then it should have had in it ... any ideas at all would be a huge help ...Thanks

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    Check all coolant lines , make sure drain plug is in .check it with seat off when you first put it in the water for leaks.

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    Had a similar problem with a 770 I purchased last year. The previous owner had the sump pump installed upside down. It wouldn't drain until the water inside was over 4 inches deep in the hull. So every time you start all the water shifted to the back of the ski and wouldn't let it plane out. Doubt thats your issue exactly but check the sump pump as well.

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