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    1986 Kawasaki X2 with Mods. Cart included in New Jersey for sale or trade $1300

    You are looking at a 1986 Kawasaki X2. I recently purchased it and had it serviced then tried to ride it and decided that it wasnt for me after I kept falling off of it. Below is a list of known after market parts and a couple of items that need to be addressed. Watch the Video where I start it and let it run for a few seconds. Price is negotiable to Greenhulk Members. I have it up on Ebay and CL but thought I would post here too. Up for a trade ? Let me know what you have.


    West Coast Exhaust
    Aftermarket (Mukini) 44mm carb
    K&N Flame Arrestor / Air Filter
    Brand New Hydroturf Seat Cover professionally installed
    Brand New Hydroturf Traction Mats professionally installed
    Aftermarket Prop
    Aftermarket Intake Grate
    Milled Head
    Aftermarket Primer Kit that needs replacemnt
    Oil Injection Block off
    Bilge Pump with Switch
    New Steering Cable
    Reserve Bypass Installed
    Recent Tune-up and maintenance done 2 weeks Ago. New spark plugs and wires.
    Uses 40:1 2 cycle mix. Has a full tank of gas.
    The Beach Cart you see is included with the sale. It aint the prettiest cart, but it gets the job done. Tires need some air or replacement

    The only items that needs to be addressed is the Trim Nozzle in Neutral Position but the ski comes with the replacement cable and the primer as mentioned above. To start it now I just manually choke the carburetor with my hand. Once its fired up and warms up its good to go after that.

    Battery not included with Sale since I can use it for another project and its brand new.

    The ski is registered in New Jersey. Although it still has the PA numbers on it in the picture. I will remove the PA numbers before the end of the sale. I registered it last week, tried it out once didnt like it. I will provide the valid registration and notarized Bill of Sale

    I had it in the water and its not for me. I have learned that I am not a standup ski guy. I will stick to my RXT.

    Pics available at (Including HIN/VIN) :

    Here is the video:

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