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    2009 FX SHO - Riva Stage 1 installation progress - complete!

    So I am installing a RIVA Stage 1 kit on my jetski. I did this for 2 reasons.

    First reason is due to me sucking something up in my impeller (I assume I can't see any other damage there might be more that I can't see) and causing some damage (I clocked ~3-5MPH loss on GPS and the impeller had a few nicks in it so I assume that is what caused it).

    Second reason is because I wanted to learn more about the ski, plus who doesn't want to go slightly faster?

    I am trying to do this in 4 major stages.

    1. Performance Power Filter - Complete - ~4 hours

    2. Intake Manifold Upgrade - Complete - ~7 hours first time (3 hours second time)

    3. Free Flow exhaust - Complete - ~3 hours

    4. Impeller - Complete - ~3.5 hours

    5. Ride Plate - Complete - ~1.5 hours

    6. Intake Grate - Complete - ~1.5 hours

    7. Pump Seal Kit - Complete - did with Intake grate.

    • Performance Power Filter Notes
      • The installation of the power filter was not bad for the most part. I was able to follow the instructions almost to a 'T' without much issue. The only problem I had (which took me a good 3 hours) to deal with was the gas tank was in the way. I couldn't move gas tank so I had to loosen up the straps and was able to slide the tank out of the way enough to get the air intake pipe in the correct location. Took me about 5.5 hours (I'm slow at doing this stuff).
    • Intake Manifold Upgrade Notes
      • Holy hell! What a royal pain in the ass. Riva says "easy bolt on addons", took me 10 min to install the part once I spent 4.5 hours getting to it. The instructions are pretty worthless. They really need to be more detailed. On top of that you really need to remove the fuel system pipe and remove the corresponding electrical work out of the way to get to the intake manifold. Once you do that you can kinda follow the instructions...ish. Getting the manifold off isnt' that bad but getting to a lot of the bolts on the underside of the manifold are a royal pain. I used my iphone and a mirror to allow me to look for bolts. Getting to the throttle body and stuff is a real pain in the ass as well. What I did was remove all the bolts for the intake manifold (the two under the manifold as well labeled B in the documentation) , and the J pipe bolt and clamps. This allowed me to lift the entire manifold along with the throttle body enough to to get to the bolts. At that point I was able to remove the ribbon and holder seal and put in the new part. I originally put it in backwards, put everything back together, started looking at diagrams and realized I put the thing in backwards. I repeated the above steps...again. What a royal pain in the ass. But I got it done last night 7/7/2014. Cranked up and seemed to run fine.
    • Free Flow exhaust Notes
      • This was not bad at all. Took about 3 hours to take everything out of the jetski and put everything back on. I was really nervous about cutting that rubber pipe. I was able to use my dremel with one of the cutting disks to cut a slot in it then used a hacksaw to cut it the rest of the way. It was kinda tricky to put the external exhaust screws and line it up and put the screws on it but I was able to do it by my self by getting it in the holes and leaning the pipe towards the side. It was just enough to get a nut on it. At that point I was able to put my hand in the exhaust pipe from the back side of the jetski and pull it towards the hole and put the rest of the nuts on the bolts.
    • Impeller Notes
      • It took about 1.5 hours to get the pump out and then an 1 hour or so to get the damn propeller off and then another 1 hour to put the thing back together. Everyone is right, the impeller is a BITCH to get off. We were able to use 2x 3 feet pipe wrenches and no joke 2x 5 foot steel pipes. We were able to break the impeller loose with that setup.
    • Ride Plate Notes
      • This wasn't bad at all and easily a 20-30 min job at most. However...when we (Dad and I) were putting the impeller on and put the original ride plate on one of the bolts holding the ride plate on got cross threaded. I had to order the bracket that goes inside f the jetski and put a new one in. Unfortunately that took about 5 hours to do. I had to get a heatgun to break apart the epoxy/glue that was holding the damn bracket on (that took 1.5 hours to do). It took another 3 hours or so to get all the damn epoxy/glue up. I just hope to god I got it cleaned up enough that this new one will seal. The hardest part was getting to rear hole. It no joke took took 2 hours just to clean the rear hole. It was difficult and I'm bruised up trying to reach and clean the epoxy/glue off. I 3M 5200 the thing on last night and bolted the new ride plate on. The only other thing I'm worried about at this point is the thing porpoising. So basically leaking and porpoising are my main concerns at this point with the ski (crosses fingers).
    • Intake Grate Notes
      • This was actually pretty easy. The only thing I didn't know for sure is how much 3M 5200 to use and at this point I hope I didn't screw up using the damn stuff. I followed the instructions the best I could along with the seal kit. At this point I'm almost regretting putting the 5200 on it because I know it won't come off now.
    • Pump Seal Kit
      • Same as the Intake Grate. I used my best judgement of the amount of 5200 and used the instructions to put the seal kit in. Again...I probably screwed up putting the 5200 on the stupid intake grate.

    I'm worried about 3 things. 1. The bracket leaking. I 5200'ed the shit out of it but im sure thats a lot of stress on those parts and im questioning if I got it clean enough (the old shit just wouldn't come off and it was near impossible to get off/reach). 2. The ski porpoising (I'm nervous as hell about this and with my luck it will... and have no idea how to fix it other than placing old ride plate back on). 3. the FF exhaust pipe coming off and my boat sinking . I ran it for a good 15 min and saw no water/anything leaking from the water box but I have no idea if it will jar loose while riding.

    But...Full RIVA stage 1 is complete. I'll take pictures of everything when it gets daylight.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The riva piece isn't tapered so I don't think it matters if it's backwards. You should have drilled and tapped for future vacuum lines while manifold was out. You'll regret it later if/when you hook up a Blow off valve. On the bright side, anything you do to your ski in the future will seem child's play compared to removing the manifold.

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    Yeah but I think I installed the rubber gasket in backwards. The flared part is facing upwards towards manifold. When I pushed it in, I was having to push all the seals down with a screw driver as I was pushing them against the grain. I think I was supposed to push it in with the grain so the flares are up towards bottom of boat.

    The flares were shoved into the thing are backwards (against the grain). . Looks like round 2 .
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    should be quicker the 2nd time. Still fresh in your head. I feel your pain though. I had to completely remove my riva inter-cooler a few weeks ago to replace the blow off valve. took 4 hours to remove and re-install it. took 5 seconds to seat the c-clip once it was out of ski.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KamikazeGPR View Post
    should be quicker the 2nd time. Still fresh in your head. I feel your pain though. I had to completely remove my riva inter-cooler a few weeks ago to replace the blow off valve. took 4 hours to remove and re-install it. took 5 seconds to seat the c-clip once it was out of ski.
    What is bad is I saw it knew it and I guess just misunderstood the instructions. The diagram isn't that great but I started looking at the other diagrams and saw something was off.

    So to be 100% sure the flares should be facing the throttle body correct so ....---manifold-|_/_/_/_|--throttle body like this correct?

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    Well good news is it gives me time to research the installation of the other parts.

    Looking at the "Pump Seal Kit" instructions it calls to use ‘below waterline’ silicone sealant. What is it and where can I get it?

    As for the prop I don't see any instructions like the other step by step instructions to change the prop out. Is there some instructions for doing this?

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    below waterline silicone , most people use 5200 by 3m. I get mine at lows but not every lows has it. you can order it online to. Also most marin stores have it.

    As far as the prop referr to the shop manual.

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    Thanks! How much do you think I would need? I only see a 3oz tube at home depot. Would that be enough?

    Sorry, what is shop manual?

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    done with round 2 of intake manifold upgrade kit.

    This time around took me less than 2.5 hours to complete....dropped a bolt and looked for it for 1.5 hours. Still a damn pain in the ass no matter how you look at it.

    i cranked it up and it ran for about 10 min on idle with a few blips of throttle, seemed to run without issues.

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