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    Newbie need help with purchase of ski. Yamaha FZS vs Sea-Doo RTX 260

    Hey guys i'm new to PWC, ridden a few times never owned. I just rode a friends Sea-doo not sure which model, he said it was 300hp SC, it was really fast but didn't see a 300hp model on their site.

    I am looking for something that i can tow a floatie behind and maybe do some wake boarding. I was debating between Yamaha and Sea-doo, i know i posted in the yamaha section and might get some biased responses but there is only 1 sea-doo dealer in Colorado while there are 3 yamaha dealers here, so i think i can probably get a better price on a yamaha.

    the 3 skis i've looked into are the Yamaha FZS, Sea-Doo RTX 260, and Sea-doo wake pro 215.

    Can someone recommend me a ski that will fit my needs? or the pros and cons of each ski? I really like the looks of the sea-doo, especially with the reverse function and the brake (not sure how often i would use it), also i know the wake pro there is a ski mode where it will ride at a constant speed and be easier for wake boarding. Can you do towing sports on the FZS or should i find a different model in the yamaha line up?

    thanks guys

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    Look into the FX SVHO or the Kawasaki 310LX. Both are 3 seat ski, tons of HP and will ride great for you. The FZS would be nice as well, however, if you are looking for a good family ski that will tow good, I would go with the FX SVHO or 310LX. The 310LX will cost you a bit more, but I think both skis would be nice for what you are looking into doing.

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    o okay i'll look into that, i've never boughten a PWC before, is it expected that the consumer pays close to MSRP? or is there room to work? what would be considered a good deal? also is the trailer separate? I would call and ask the dealer but apparanatly no PWC dealer opens on monday. so weird

    on the dealer's website there are FX SVHO, HO, VHO, are they all the same?

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    They are all different. The FX SVHO is the best and the newest 1, its their 2014 Model. The Trailers are separate, but now is the best time to buy. Summer is half over and the dealerships want to make sure their stock is gone before winter. There are a few people that might be able to chime in on here about pricing, but it depends on where you are from for the deal you will get. I would have a few dealers that are close to you quote you on the price. Have them get in a small bidding war and go with the best deal. Where are you from?

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    I am from colorado, there are 3 yamaha dealers around me. The one with the best google review is GForce power sports, they have a 2014 FX SVHO, they're asking $13,699 for it. What would be a reasonable price? I saw a few 2013 models on ebay for 12,000. And how much should i expect to pay for trailer? I also notice that yamaha has a $1000 cash back on select models, but i could not find on their site which model was eligible. From my best guess is that they're selling it at MSRP minus the cash back? because it says MSRP is 14,699 and discounted price is 13,699 so exactly 1000 difference.

    this is the link to the gforce one

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    I think the FX SVHO does qualify for a cash rebate(600$)?, I'm not 100% sure. If you see the FX SVHO for the 12,000 range they will charge you freight, set up and other fees like that to get the cost back up to where it should be. If you could get an FX SVHO out the door for around 14K that is a reasonable deal. A single ski trailer brand new will close you about 1,000-1,200. That link to the FX Cruiser is a very nice ski. The Cruiser is the more expensive FX of the bunch. The seats are real nice.

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    i need to have a 3 seater, i think the cruiser is the only one with the 3 seater correct?

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    The FX and the FX Cruiser are both 3 seaters. The FZR is the 2 seater.

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    The Cruiser is a great laid back riding ski that is very powerful and stable. Either ski would work great for what you are wanting to do.

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    thanks for all your help, i really appreciate it. If every body else can chime in on what kind of price i should be shooting for out the door i would be forever greatful. thanks

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