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    GPR/66V water flow questions??

    Ok so I'm in the middle of 2 66V rebuilds. 1 is for and XLT and 1 is for a GPR. I noticed something that raises questions that I would like to know the answers to so anyone with information on this please reply. My questions are to do with the exhaust gaskets from the cylinders to the exhaust manifold and from the exhaust manifold to the first pipe. The exhaust manifold to cylinders have different size holes for the water to go through. Why?? and they seem small too. The gasket from the exhaust manifold to the first pipe has like pin holes for water to go through. Can you increase cooling by opening up all these holes in the gaskets a little with a dremel?? Thanks all...

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    I'd say the holes are designed for optimum water flow. Stock setup, all the pissers flow strong. Opening the holes in between will move the water in a different way, but likely not move more water. The holes help keep the water in certain areas longer. If modding the skis then the balance and volume of the cooling system can be changed. If keeping them relatively stock, I wouldn't mess with it. I'm not aware of any changes to the cooling system that are needed for the stock 66V engines.

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