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    fuel issue 1200 suv 2001

    got the motor back in and when I water tested it starts right up,idles nice,revs up in neutral but when u go in forward it ntakes off and then hogs down and stalls.starts right back up and goes again.sometimes it will just about plane off before it dies out.sure feels like fuel to good flow thru the filter to the carbs.what should my vacumn pull be from the pumps.i got around 3-5 inches of vacumn.and what should the return pressure be?i pulled 1 carb apart and the filter was good inside.i ordered new kits anyway.wondering if this prob is what caused 2 pistons to burn down.i bought it that way.

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    I'm no pro but I'd say its a good chance thats what caused problems...these carbs need rebuilding @ 5 years...have they ever been done? classic symptons for carb rebuild needed

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    no sure just bought it

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