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    How difficult to replace starter on 215 hp 4tec?

    Please advise as to the difficulty of changing the starter on a 4tec 215 hp 2007 GTX Wake. There appear to be only two approximately 6mm screws that hold starter to block. When you pull starter motor is there any trick to making sure the bendix (inside PTO) doesn't go out of position? Any other advice on how to get at the starter and remove it would be appreciated. I'm under the impression you do not have to pull the motor, right?

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    Get a shop manual at

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    I have a shop manual, for what good it is. Regarding starter replacement, it is very brief.

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    that's a clue that not much trickery is needed....

    two big tricks for replacing the starter,

    1-not dropping the bolts
    2-not bleeding a whole lot

    oh yeah...disconnect the battery.

    you don't have to pull the motor, but you do need to be limber and have excellent hand strength and dexterity.

    A small prybar between the head of the starter and the flywheel housing might come in handy to break the seal on the starter ( two O-rings in there)

    remember..small and prybar..not chisel and sledge

    With some luck you can get her done in an hour or two.

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    Thanks for the advice. No risk of bendix falling out of place in the PTO cover is there?

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    put a towel down behind the engine in case you drop the bolts (guess How I figured that would work)

    1A.stand on the right side of the ski (starboard for the purists)...get a step if you're short
    1B.disconnect the battery
    2.take out the 2 retaining bolts
    3. use a 3 or 4 inch flat head screwdriver to slightly more than Gently pry the starter straight towards the front of the ski

    You should only have to move it about a 1/2 inch out before its easy enough to pull the rest of the way by hand (unless there's alot of corrosion)......The Bendix is on is own shaft in there and will not move around so don't worry about it.

    Before you do this are you sure its a bad starter and not a bad solenoid........they go bad all the time on these boats.

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    Other way is to drop the exhaust manifold off. Then you have a huge and direct access hole. Good idea to drill n tap your manifold ready for o2 whilst you got it off. Even if you don't think you want one, you will at some point. Get the Riva o2 install kit as it comes with everything including threaded blanking plug. Cost nothing and makes taking the exhaust manifold off to replace starter really attractive now!!

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    Are you sure its the starter and not the starter relay? ?

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    Did this solve your starting problem? What were your symptoms? I am leaning toward starter also but unsure. I'm just going to remove it and bench test it before buying a new one. Is it possible for the starter to work on the bench and not in the ski, like under a load?

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    you should just "jump" the solenoid to test the solenoid first
    if it starts by jumping the solenoid then you only need to change the solenoid
    my solenoid clicked like it was working, but it was not

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