why hello everyone i am a a newbe to jet skies and pretty much 2 strokes motors i am very mechaniclly inclined. i have read alot and found out these motors are prone to be done due to oil failure wiich sucks. i have purchased a 2000 gp1200r for 1200 buck i thought was a steal to me. i was told the motor doesn't run. 1 and 3 cyclinder was scurode and #1 cycler reeds was gone. so not exactlly sure what took out the 1 and 3 cycled but i sound like reed failer maybe not sure tho. that is the complete run down on this ski that i have found so far lol.
to fix the problem i am going to run premixed gas and rejet the carbs for that where can i find a firer arrest that they are talking about for my ski. i am buy a newly rebuild engine from sbt with a 2 year warrenty so i can start fresh. what do you guys think what else should i look at doing to get the most out of this motor thank you .