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    2001 Polaris Virage 700 carburated no spark, need replacement stator!!!

    well after much testing and part swapping it looks like I need a stator for my Virage 700. I have installed a new battery voltage is over 11 volts while cranking. I installed a new CDI box I am getting over 8.80 volts at the brown wire while cranking. and I have replaced the LR-505 just because it was cheap and fast to replace. I haven't seen anything on this site about repairing the stator and the tests I have found listed in the here are pretty basic so it looks like the stator is bad I am not getting the high voltage pulses going into the coil pack like I was told I should. I am in need of a stator the CDI box I removed was PN# 4010404 so if anyone has a good stator for sale please let me know I can pay by paypal asap.

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    Do you still have extra CDI ?

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