after warm up the ski screams! but if i let her down to idle then hit WOT it bogs a bit then gets going just fine.if I apply throttle slowly (say take 2.5 seconds to go from idle to WOT) it does just fine. here what i have done:

checked POP off, it was at 7-8-10 lbs.
went to 25-25-25, made it worse!
went to 15-15-15, worse then starting point but better than last iteration
went to 10-10-10, just a tiny bit better then starting point.

they are Keihin CDKCV ,I am using primer, no chock

I heard that I should drill out my low speed screws plugs, turn them out 1/4 turn and remove the low speed jets (#35) and install #50 jets.

if this is the case where are the plugs? I attached a pic of carb number 3, is it A? B? does anyone have a better solution?
thanks in advance

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