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    1999 gtx drive knock

    1999 gtx limited. At idle I have a knock around the drive, like a rod knock but from the drive. Under power the knock goes away. The "ring carbone" has a ton of slop but looks aligned and not leaking water. It's obviously not supposed to be like that so at minimum I need to disassemble and replace but I can't believe this is the source of the knock. Is the oil in the nose cone a likely source of the knock or is there something else I should consider? Removing the drive shaft is going to automatically require an alignment?

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    this is common on 98/99 limited models. I had one for my personal ski and did same thing. I bumped my in water idle up slightly and it helps. normal idle is 1500-1550 if i remember correctly, i raised mine to 1550-1600.

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    I think it's the thrust bearing and the preload in the cone. It didn't make this sound last year so I think I need to dig into it a a little. The "ring caobone" is awefully loose as well so I at lease need to take it down far enough to fix that part.

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