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    2014 FZS, please look at engine pic and help

    I just finished installing the following mods in my 2014 FZS:

    Riva Power Filter
    Riva Manifold upgrade
    Gen 2 Power Cooler (2013 model adapated)
    Blow off
    Riva Engine cooling
    R&D Grate and plate
    R&D ECU R2

    For some reason not getting more than 74 MPH, full throttle feels the same as half throttle. Its running with no check engines and feels nice but not getting more than 74 MPH. Also is this supposed to be left open like this?? also what is this hose for??
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    If full throttle feels the same as half throttle, you're probably on the limiter and need to pitch your prop. If that hose is not the hose for flushing your ski, then it is for flushing the intercooler.

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    The power feels the same half and full. Not in the limiter. The hose for the cooler and for the jet have smaller end and work perfect, this one have no idea whats is for. Thanks

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    Disregard the vent fitting on the valve cover. It is blocked off inside. Nothing to worry about with that. For the flush hose, where did that come from? The Riva SVHO Pro Series engine cooling kit does not have that with it. It uses the OE flush hose still. You should not need that flush hose with your cooling kit. (as long as you have the Riva SVHO Pro Series kit) For the speed issue, what RPM are you turning? (not from the stock gage, but from an aftermarket tach)

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    That hose is the Riva intercooler flush hose.

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    Check your intercooler hoses you might have a boost leak. Also make sure you got good water flow to that cooler (Hooked up correctly etc) If not that's your loss of power!!!. Your prop will be able to handle that ecu with no problems its tall

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakeside518 View Post
    That hose is the Riva intercooler flush hose.
    Actually, the one pictured is too large. It looks like it is a 1/2" water line. The one that comes with the Riva power coolers is 3/8" water line, smaller white fitting. The one pictured looks like the one that comes with the Riva SHO engine cooling upgrade kit. (larger 1/2" water line)

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    The intercooler flush is a different one that I also have and the end that conects to the cooler is smaller. I will check the cooler hoses, the wter flow is very good. Also the Blow off did not come with instructions and the Little clear plastic Im assuming goes either way. Thanks

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    i did a svho fzs this day ready for a customer.
    R&D Svho R2
    Riva Power Filter.
    Riva Manifold upgrade.
    Riva Gen 2 Power Cooler (sho)
    Svho grate
    Svho plate
    Svho lucky cone all 3 chimes i get with it.
    needed to pitch the prop 2.5 degree.
    rpm tiny-tak on 8250-8300
    Gps it today very hot weather 81.4 mph and full tank of gas.
    Next step is a skat prop and set the rpm target on 8150-8250 but for now the customer is happy
    Thomas Wester

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    A side note what happened to me a year ago that HKS bov start to leak.
    try to make some WOT pulls on the trailer and set your hand to the front on the bov and feel if its blows all the time or just when you let of the WOT if its have a sound and just blow when you let of the WOT then the bov is fine.

    (if this sound like you have to pull the WOT a couple of minutes it's NOT that i mean only bump it to WOT and let it go)
    Hope thats help.
    Thomas Wester

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