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    Green Satellite link not lit

    my son and I were out for a few hours the other day on the ski's and the satellite light link was not lit on my 2011 but was lit on my 2010 both are rxt's .

    The light works when you wake the ski with start button, what could be the problem?

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    NO Speed or Compass Indication
    If there is no speed or compass indication, look
    for the GPS indicator icon. If the GPS indicator is
    off, either the GPS cannot uplink with the satellites,
    or the GPS system in the information center
    is at fault. If another watercraft nearby displays a
    good GPS uplink (GPS indicator light on in cluster),
    replace the information center.
    If the GPS uplink is lost while navigating
    at speed, the speedometer will provide an estimated
    speed indication based on other parameters.
    The compass indication will not be available
    until a good satellite uplink is reestablished.
    Speed and Compass Indication Slow to Come
    When initially powering up the watercraft and driving
    away, the speed and compass indications may
    be slow to come on. This is normal as the GPS
    requires time to establish an uplink with the navigation
    satellites (cold start).
    If the watercraft was run long enough to display
    the compass and speed indications, shut down
    for a short period of time and restarted (hot start),
    and the speed and compass indications take more
    than 30 seconds to come on, test for the following:
    – GPS fuse 23 in FB2
    – Battery voltage at pin 1 of the information center
    – Continuity of wire between information center
    (pin 1) and contact B4 of FB2.
    This circuit provides 12 Vdc to the GPS in
    the information center so that it memorizes the
    satellites it was linked to for a period of two hours.
    This allows the indications to be available within
    a few seconds of restarting the watercraft (hot
    start). After a two hour period, the GPS will have
    to reestablish new satellite links.

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    Call your local doo dealership. Give them the vin #s. See if there are any free updates via BUDS...

    they plug you in and update for free...

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    Thanks for the info Dennis, I had Tiny run my vin last month nothing showed up .

    I hope it is the cluster because mine has a little crack and I can see moisture behind it.Dealer said they wont replace under warranty unless it does not work properly or you cannot see the display.

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    If the satellite link does not work does it effect the top speed or rpm's at all?

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