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    PWC trailer tires - just blew one out - load rating question...

    I just blew out a tire on my double trailer and want to replace all three (including spare) since they are 8 years old and dry. I have two GTX's, 2006 and 2007. What do these things weigh when loaded with fuel? What does the trailer weigh? Tire guy wants to sell me tires rated as C rated, which can carry up to 1350lbs each tire. Do I need to step up to a D Loaded tire that is rated at 1600lbs each?

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    Does this trailer have a VIN label plate?

    If so, the total gross trailer weight should be listed on the sticker.

    Each of your watercraft weighs something under 1,000 pounds. Trailer weight depends on whether it is steel or aluminum. Say 500 pounds guess.

    So under 2500 pounds seems likely, total weight including fuel. Your actual weights may be less. Just look up the specs for each model PWC, then add full fuel tank weight for each plus whatever gear you carry in the storage.

    Two C tires rated at 1350 pounds each can carry 2700 pounds total weight when fully inflated to sidewall maximum air pressure.

    So the C rated tires should be able to do the job.

    Note that the higher weight rated tires may have a much higher sidewall air pressure, maybe 80 PSI instead of 50 PSI. This translates into a somewhat harder riding tire.

    Trailer tires are rated to carry the specified weight only when inflated to the maximum air pressure listed on the sidewall. Unless the trailer manufacturer specifically specs a different tire pressure, always inflate trailer tires to the sidewall maximum.

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