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    Seadoo nightmare

    Okay I have a pair of seadoo that I have totally rebuilt from the ground up and I took them out to the Colorado river and they both went boom!!!!😭

    2002 gtx di 951
    this ski I had put 2 tanks through the new engine with no problem and this last trip to mead about an hour in I had let a couple friends borrow the ski big mistake and they cally me over and try to crank it over and all it does is click so I know that my motor is done and I removed the plugs and see that the rear plug is covered in metal and I also notice the the line going from the compressor to the rave solenoid was blown out. After taking apart the engine I found out that the rear rod bearing is gone and it looks that it wasn't getting oil the first cylinder had a nice puddle below it and the rear didn't could the oil pump cause the failure or was is the blown line what could have damaged it.

    The 2002 rx di
    this ski I was riding the whole trip it made it to the last trip and I was running fine until the end of course, I started noticing the maint light when I went to start it the last few time but as soon as I started it would go off and on my last high speed run it bogged out and all it would do was click and the motor was locked solid I removed the plugs and found water in it I took of the head and the motor was filled to the top with water and hydro locked the pto cylinder and bent the rod so what could have cause this the hull was dry and when I built the motor all new gaskets were used

    i am am rebuilding bith skis both cranks are being rebuilt and new top ends are being installed I just want to figure out why they went boom so they won't do it again any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    keep the cylinder to piston side clearance on loose side - I rebuild them at a loose .005. Make sure counter balance gear lines up properly with crank gear-and dont forget to put at least an ounce of straight 30w oil or pump oil in it. Careful with base gasket i like to use spray sealant/gasket holder on them, very easy to nick when installing cylinders then it leaks. Dont use any sealants on head gasket, use oem head gaskets ive had a few of the aftermarkets leak. Cylinder bolts should have plastic seal/washer, although often I ditch those and use 3m 5200 sealant at socket end. Invest in new oil pumps, fill oil lines with oil before attaching. Bleed air from oil pump make sure no air between pump and tank. Front cylinders are known to blow on di's. With the fuel being injected directly on top of cylinder, and oil still being pumped in at case, I tell my customers to always add about an ounce of oil per gal for life of unit. I personally dont think di's get enough oil at top of cylinders, almost all di's ive rebuilt (about 75) are damaged at top of rings/piston similar in damage, unlike carb units. Dont overdo the oil though, the pistons carbon up easily on top and can cause rings to stick in their grooves.

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