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    94 SL650

    Man, I hate to be this guy... You know, the guy that just signed up, and ask a question... the good news, I've searched, I've already downloaded the manuals. I've been thru the microfiche on bikebandit, polarispartshouse, and partsland and nothing.

    So, here's the deal. Bought a SL650 last year, no trailer. Ran, guy stated it ran fine on dry land, didn't make power in the water. I had a pair of the 750s years ago, and one of them did that, eh, I sold them.

    Anyway, I figured carb cleaning and rebuild would probably do it. I don't remember who, but someone here had a great carb rebuild thread. Good pictures, and info... Thank you.

    Now, the weird thing. This Ski has a squeeze bulb primer in the fuel lines, you know, like on a small out board on a aluminium bass boat or such. Anyway, I can't find any such part anywhere, any manual, any microfiche, etc. I'm thinking it was probably added to "help" along a dying fuel pump. Also, all the hoses are crazy mess in this thing, but I'll get to that later. All the fuel lines have been replaced with black rubber, but I suspect the fuel pump is dying. I'm going to replace it with a three outlet that I read about in one of these threads when I find it again.

    synopsis for the short attention span
    Is there supposed to be a hand prime squeeze bulb in the fuel system? If so, where do I get a new one, because this one shot gas in my eye, and it burns... it burns.

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    The very early Polaris model years the Fuji engines had a primer bulb, I forget which year they stopped doing that.

    Have you checked cylinder compression?

    I presume you have found my signature links and the info within.

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    Per the parts diagrams, the 92 650 is the only one that came with the primer bulb. I'd lose it and move on.

    Oh and flush with cold water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post

    I presume you have found my signature links and the info within.
    I did indeed click you signature links. Thank you very much for the service. I dug through the manuals for hours. I'm a aircraft mechanic, and I'm known to study manuals forever before I work on something, then when I do, I have the manual right next to me the whole time, it's habit. FYI, they get a yellow warning banner with Google Chrome as your browser. Some certificate error or something, I clicked anyways.

    Anyway, yea, that's where I downloaded all the manuals, owners, parts, maintenance, etc.

    Compression is good, it was running when I bought it, it sat last winter outside, and just didn't want to fire this spring. I'd suppose that the fuel pump sucking air through the primer bulb would more than likely cause a no run condition. Was just rather confused by it since I couldn't find it anywhere. However, I hadn't looked at 92 model parts diagrams, so thanks BlueFish.

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    Thought I'd update, since no one ever does on most forums. Triple outlet fuel pump, new fuel lines, upgrade to the 95 fuel water separator/filter. Got the carbs rebuilt over the winter, and set up. She runs.... so, I read all the flushing threads I could and flushed and back flushed her once she was running. Turned off the water, shut down the ski, and.... drum roll... smoke comes out the bottom of the engine. Turns out, the case is cracked, and the PO had patched it with what looks like JB weld. I'm only assuming flushing the engine moved enough sand away from the area for it to open back up.

    Good news is, cases seem to be >$100 on ebay, so I'm going to pick up a set and do a full tear down.

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    Thanks for the update.
    Well... at least it's not a crazy expensive fix. And think of all the reconditioned stuff you already have done and ready to go. You'll have one reliable ski when it's all said and done. Let us know if you have any rebuild questions.


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    Yes, that's kinda how I was looking at it. I don't honestly have much in it. Bought it cheap without a trailer, bought a trailer stupid cheap... Triple outlet pump was $60, and K&N Yamaha got me the carb parts for less than a bill for all three carbs... Besides, I have all four motorcycles running now, so I could use a project lol.

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    Oh, admin, feel free to move this to projects if it's a better fit

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