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    SeaDoo Spark Quality – Driveshaft Problems

    I would like to start this post to share with other owners and prospective buyers the major problem I and others have had with brand new SeaDoo Sparks and the actions of BRP to address it. I welcome any comments, especially from BRP addressing it. I am not alone, search forums and google it for yourself.

    So here is what happened:

    We purchased a 2-up 90 HP in May 2014 from a dealership on a huge lake in NH. We got it on the water on 10 June 2014. On 28 June 2014, with 13 hours on the Spark, it lost thrust while going 30 mph and the engine just reved. It idled fine, but with any throttle it just emitted a high pitched whining noise (shaft spinning noise), and no propulsion. So I brought it to the dealer the next monday, 30 July 2014.

    The Dealer calls later that day and says: The spline where the driveshaft and imeller shaft meet is shredded. To replace it they must dissasemble the engine and half of the Spark, order a bunch of new parts and tons of labor for $8,000! - Holy Crap!!! - But it's under warranty, it's just that BRP hasn't hasn't authorized us (the dealer) to start repair and when they do we will have to wait for parts.

    The dealer recommended I contact BRP Customer service to complain and speed up process.

    So we called BRP Customer Service that day – Reply: We are sorry for the inconvenience, but oh well. - Requested to speak to Supervisor – Ok, someone will call you back tomorrow – No one called back from BRP.

    1 July, 2014:

    Dealer called – Sorry BRP still hasn't authorized a repair.

    Called BRP again - We are sorry for the inconvenience, we will attempt to get you back on water soon and here is a claim # for you. - Requested to speak to Supervisor again – Ok, someone will call you back tomorrow.

    2 July -7 July 2014

    Called BRP daily after no returned calls. Same story.

    7 July, 2014:

    Dealer calls – BRP has verbally authorized repair, but they need at least 5-10 business days to engineer a new part and determine a cheaper method to repair. The Dealer told me his dealership had sold 30 sparks so far, 2 have come back already for this problem (a few weeks into NH's short riding season).

    Called BRP – We are sorry for the inconvenience, your claim has been elevated to the Senior Customer Service Rep and they will contact you by tomorrow.

    Emailed Steve the “After-Sales Social Media & Tech Support Team Lead at BRP” on the GreenHulk forum, explaining my situation and asking for assisstance. He replied: We are sorry for the inconvenience, I will investigate your claim and see if I can help resolve it.

    8 Jul7, 2014:

    Called BRP – Wife spoke to customer service, asked again to speak with someone who could answer questions. BRP stated your claim has been elevated to the “Third Tier” Senior Customer Service Rep and they will contact you by tomorrow.

    9 July, 2014

    Steve from BRP called, I looked into your claim and it has been elevated to the Senior Customer Service Rep and they will contact you soon. - Thanks Steve, I heard that a few times already

    Dealer Called – We are still waiting on BRP!

    Now Waiting....

    So here I am, sharing my story. I will update as it unfolds. (Of course it unfolds in the middle of riding season)

    I have researched online and this is happening to others, some I have chatted with and they are going through the exact same things with BRP. I am not trying to bad mouth SeaDoo, I understand problems can happen but I do believe a company should stand behind what they build and sell to us.

    And think about this, the Spark driveshaft appears to be cheap and prone to fail, so BRP will redesign and replace those that fail under warranty - BUT if your driveshaft lasts more than a year and then goes out you are screwed after warranty - Maybe a recall or extended warranty should be called for here.

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    How hard can it be to replace a drive shaft? Come on Sea Doo. 8000 bucks? What a crock

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    Something Smells fishy, 8k is not right, they'd total the ski at that point, never heard of a driveshaft issues, maybe there is, but not for 8k, $800 I'd believe.

    Extended warranty is a Good idea it's called BEST I bought it for these reasons. $450 for 5 Years vs an 8k driveshaft or bars.

    I googled this, it just comes up with this same post in different forums
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    Well done for laying this out in a detailed manner. Can you point to others having the issue?

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    Here are a few more having similar issues:

    And talk to dealership maintenance departments, they'll know.

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    Between this and the handle bars, I am probably adding best before the end of my factory warranty. Seems things are risky enough to be worth the extra insurance to be sure I enjoy them for as long as I'm paying for them at least.

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    Until vtech has the same problem with their 150+ hp turbo spark, I will just assume it is a bad few and not a design problem

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    Its Nice to have the warning and I can always buy the Best next May , I should be close to 100 hours by October.

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    I got to stop reading these post, I don't want to feel bad about my purchase, I just want to enjoy it, but good to know what to look out for

    Atleast BRP seems to be standing by the product, for the most part. Even instanceses like these BRP eventaulky come around and made good on it.

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    Just bought mine tonight, hope this isn't on all of them....

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