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Thread: MSX 150 help!!

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    MSX 150 help!!

    2004 MSX 150 i had to replace turbo cleaned all oil from intake and exhaust ski starts but tachs out pull reverse to limit RPM when it settles i put it back into fwd and idles fine took it to the water if I bring rpms up slowly ski is fine if i nail the throttle the check engine light comes on and ski has limited rpm again if i pull tether and restart no check engine light and ski runs fine until i nail throttle again? please advise.

    thank you

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    Sounds like a stuck wastegate (or bad wastegate solenoid)... that is forcing you into overboost. When this happens the ECU jumps in... flashes the check engine light and limits rpms to 4800. Turning ski off then on will reset until it happens again. Check the wastegate on the turbo that it can be moved (about an inch or so) and that it snaps shut (spring loaded). If the wastegate isn't seized and moves freely... then it could be the solenoid that the ECU uses to control the actuator for the wastegate.


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