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    Heavily modified FZS 2009 Value?

    I have a 2009 FZS with 150 hours on it. It has had the following modifications all installed by RIVA in Pompano:

    Riva Stage 3
    Riva Internals upgrade
    Riva racing Camshafts
    H-1 Racing Supercharger
    Rotax Racing Supercharger Clutch shaft

    The ski has been ridden hard and is currently at the Riva shop. The Vipec is dead and the list of repairs beyond that is unknown, but it is enough that I am looking at abandoning ship and just getting a new SVHO. All four cylinders passed the compression test.

    I have spent close to $20,000 on upgrades/labor and hate to see this ski be a total loss. It would be a great project for someone who has the skills/garage to fix it up and get it back running again.

    Based on the information above, does anyone have an idea how much it might be worth?


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    Seeing it was done at Riva, you have a better chance as documented work at a reputable shop, but will need the right buyer and really depending if running or not. If running, depends on speed, but 12k maybe and if not running, maybe better to part out.

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    All Depends on what type of damage what are you looking for?

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    Beyond the VIPEC/Harness I don't know. It was always on saltwater so corrosion is an issue, but I flushed it out after every ride. THe main issue is the cost of new parts/labor quickly add up and a new ski is looking more reasonable for a guy that doesn't have the know how and time to fix it himself.

    The engine was pulled when they did the mods a little over a year ago. The crankshaft was rebalanced and the whole build was done quite well. Easily more than 80+mph when running.

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