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    Opinions on best general purpose Ski for under 2k?

    Knowing nothing about these machines, What has proven to be a desirable PWC from around the turn of the century that has shown a fair bit of reliability, easyish to work on, good part supplies and well supported? Hahaha..... but seriously. I don't care if it's 2k and needs nothing, or freeish and needs a new engine. I have some mechanical inclination and resourcefulness. Or maybe you want to say what to stay away from for a first timer. Just as an idea, I'm looking at a lot of Waverunners with the 66v and oil seized 3rd piston/cat failure. On here they say you remove cat, fix piston, remove regulator, get new F/A's, rejet the carb and go premix and you can have a decent machine.
    Thank-you for your time.

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    A 1200 Yamaha if you can get it running before it has an issue or just needs carbs done. Carb rebuild w/ premix, wave eater clips, d-plate w/ temp sensor and your good. Honorable mention is a Seadoo GTX and Kawasaki Ultra 150. Might consider a rental ski, but way too much to get into with that one.

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    I know some will poo poo me for saying this, but if you can wrench on your own stuff, Polaris are cheap and not hard to find. Some will say parts availability is scarce, but thats just not true. If you need a dealer to work on your stuff then Polaris would be a bad choice. I have had no problems keeping my stuff going good. Some parts are a little difficult to find but almost anything you need to keep them running has been taken care of by the aftermarket.

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    Well I feel better that my guess with fixing the problems with a 1200 series wouldn't be a bad way to go. There is a 99 1200XL nearby that I could get for $300 with cracked engine. However I do not see a lot of love for the SBT engines on here.

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