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    MSX150: revs limited to +-5200, no codes, no check engine light

    I have a MSX150 with 100 hours that ran well last year. I had the oil changed and winterized by a local dealer that has worked on this machine and two MSX110s. When it went into the water this year, I made sure oil was not too high, but it would not start, after checking seating of the wiring and another fresh charge and it fired up.

    However, it would not go over 5200 rpm. Starts reliably. No check engine light.
    I thought bad gas - got rid of the gas and put in fresh gas.
    Checked the MAP sensors - seemed clean and no mess.
    Still 5200 rpm and more than 4 hours running this year (around 5200)

    Off to the dealer found old codes for low voltage and temperature.
    Cleared the codes, but no solution.

    Goes 5100 to 5250 rpm
    No codes
    No check engine light.

    Any ideas?


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    By running well last season... you mean full speed (~60mph gps... ~64mph display)... at full RPM (~7200-7400)... right?

    Now this season... after oil change and battery change... only goes 5120-5250 rpms?

    Do you recall when/what might have triggered the old temperature code? Did it overheat?

    First things I'd do...
    - pull jet pump. Inspect impeller to wear ring clearances. Inspect pump stator bearings... impeller should spin smoothly
    - run a compression test on both cylinders. You want to see 125-140psi in each and even. Nicasil plating failure (all too common) will drop compression noticeably... and power will drop.
    - what spark plugs are you using?


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    I had this problem last year and it turned out that the throttle body had worked its way loose off of the intake manifold. The throttle body is held to the intake by a rubber boot and a hose clamp. Apparently I did not get it tight when I had last worked on it. The clamp is a pain to get to but that solved my problem. Hope this helps.


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