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    2000 GP1200R Rebuild/Mod Questions!

    I have a 2000 GP1200R that I am in the process of rebuilding the motor. previous owner had an SBT Engine in it and in rebuilding an OEM style motor. I got a new crank, 3 new nikasil cylinders and a matching case from TX21.

    I'll be ordering Pro-X piston kits. as far as carb rebuild goes I'll be buying 3 carb kits and I found Osidebill (RIP) carb modification threads I'll be following. as far as mods go what's a good setup/parts to buy to make this a reliable ski? I'll be adding a D-plate and chip, going premix and running 32:1 *more than likely getting a Solas 13/19 prop and a new wear ring. which ride plates and intake grates are the best to have? I have also read about the pump shoe seal kit aswell. I'm not in a rush as I'll be taking my time doing this build to make sure it's 100% perfect.

    ill add some Riva F/As and follow the jetting osidebill has. would it be a good idea to remove choke plates or leave them intact. I'm not looking to make this ski do 75+ mph just reliable as I have a GP800 I just rebuilt also that's all stock with just being converted to premix.

    ill also be be doing the pre-fab pump tunnel reinforcement aswell.

    as as far as power valve go do you guys recommend the SBT ones with their clips or get OEM valves and wave eater clips? I'll also be using all OEM seals/gaskets and following osidebills crank installation thread.

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    Riva toploader intake grate will be fine. Personally I like the Jim's FF plate (R&D style). If you don't care about top speed though you can just run a regular R&D or Riva.
    Most run 40:1 Premix although you can break it in w/ 32:1 or stronger.

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    40:1 here as well after break in. Seal pump shoe and replace the inserts where the ride plate and intake grate go you will brake a bolt if you remove any of them. It will be easy if you have the motor out vs later with the motor in.

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    has anyone done a jetworks/holeshot mod to their ski? all the threads I have seen people have a 2inch extension on theirs as the ski I have is factory stock. also would it be a good idea to get a rule bilge pump and eliminate the factory one?

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    Yes I have the Jet Works Hole Shot kit. I got of from Rich, @ WFO Performance. Not to difficult to install, Rich will have simple install instruction with. Mine is setup to open @ 3500rpm, and does so with out fail. Have had no issues (no leaks), and it does boost the low end holeshot. I still have the factory bilge, again no issues ... i get very little water in my hull. Good Luck

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