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    Question New engine, spark plug issue

    I have a 99 WaveRunner 66V engine. The engine is fresh from SBT, carbs rebuilt, oil pump blocked off, Boyensen 2 stage reeds with Riva stuffers, D plate in exhaust and all other Riva stage II upgrades for that year ski minus the high compression heads with block supports. I started engine running on the hose, let run at about 3000 for about 20 min. Let it come back to idle a few minutes. Seemed to be running fine, started and restarted a few more times. I then pulled the plugs, the end plugs were both wet with traces of oil and very slight tint of brown. Center plug was just as wet as other two but very clean, white center insulation and no tint of oil in fuel drops. Any ideas if I have a problem to look out for??

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    It takes a while to develop the coloring on plugs. The coloring on the plugs from running on the hose without a load on the pump is marginal at best. Just look for a smooth clean idle, and wet plugs while running on the hose. BTW, are you running a mixture of 32:1 for break in? Be sure to follow SBT's recommended break in procedure since it's their engine.

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