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Thread: Idle issue

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    Idle issue

    Ok so I bought a 01 kawasaki ultra 130di and it runs great. I put 5 hours on it last weekend it topped out at 63mph. My only issue is it doesn't want to idle. As long as you give the ski a little bit of throttle( keeping it above 1000 rpm it runs flawlessly, once you let off and let it just idle it will run for 15-30 seconds then cut off but starts right back up every time. Any ideas on what could be wrong? I've been searching the internet like crazy and can't seem to find an answer.

    Also if anyone has a PDF copy of the manual that would be awesome.

    Thanks ks for the assistance!

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    When idling bad like that, does the dashi show "check engine" light?
    I would hook up the Kawi diagnostic software and check for any stored error code in the ecu (aka emm).

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    The check engine light flashed for maybe 5 minutes within the first hour of riding then disappeared. It never went into limp mode or anything though. I'll have to find a dealer and hook it up.

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    poss t p s sencer bad

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