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    Angry Revs up but doesnt move

    Hello everyone I recently purchased a 97 Kawasaki zxi 750 yes i know its old but it was in excellent shape so i couldn't resist. it runs great out of water but when i put it in i notice that if i pull the throttle hard it just seems to rev up but not go anywhere. however when i gradually pull the throttle is doesnt seem to rev abnormally. can anyone tell me why this might be?

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    Welcome aboard, M.lev!

    Could be trash in the impeller, even something as small as a matchstick or piece of fishing line. Could be bent or damaged impeller blades, or too much clearance between the impeller blades and the housing. Should be less than about .025" or so.

    Could be a problem with sealing around the pump or pump shoe, allowing air entry or turbulence.

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    I'm going to take it out and see if I can get a better look at it. Thanks for the help!

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