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    OK weird question..will wave raider CDI work on Venture ski? Both 1100...

    OK, my buddy has an 1100 ski that the front cover electronics are shot!! Rusty as hell and the charging coils were shot. Got a whole cover from a wave raider...1100....I know the raider came with BN44 carbs rather than BN34 carbs. The timing and all other things in the book show IDENTICAL. The only thing is it shows the max RPM at 5500 on the venture and the raider is 6500.

    This is due I suppose to the fuel being more for the raider. Should we worry about this?

    Any help appreciated.


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    PS, ski starts and runs. Before it had no spark and when ran right had weak spark, now great spark and sounds mean!!!

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    I think the electronics are all the same. Check the Rev limiter though. That max rpm is because of the propping. A raider and venture should have different max rpms.

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    That's the question . How can you change that or do you need a new Cdi

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    I think the rev limiter is set at appx 7500. You shouldn't have to change it.

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