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    what do you carry with you to clean debris from intake

    What do most people carry with them on the ski to help clear debris from the intake on the ski?

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    I carry an 18" screwdriver in the front bucket but I have the two bar R&D grate on so I just stick my hand in there, with the stock grate gonna need something like that But if you got a blockage first start and stop the ski a few times and put the reverse bucket down ,might not need to go swimming under the ski...

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    just slip it into reverse lol seriously i have never had the need but i guess it depends on how clean of water you ride in.

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    Sometimes we get a lot of twigs and wood in water esp in and around marina. This jam would not come loose. I could not see why until I got home and looked with flashlight. One guy on here used to carry a stout wire with a bent hook on end and said it worked well but Ive never tried it.
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