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Thread: Hull Repair

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    Hull Repair

    Well only the third time out and I have to repair the hull. Wife wanted to load the ski onto the trailer herself and after a lot of instruction she missed and took a nice gouge out of the hull. Can I just use a local fiberglass/gelcoat guy to fix it up or is this an odd ball material. Any help appreciated.

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    What country are u in

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    Without seeing any pics of damage if it's less that an inch wide Just fill it with a good 2 part marine epoxy filler if it's wider use a layer of fiberglass with the Epoxy...
    Have a detail sander to smooth and blend it in then prime and match paint ,lots of YouTube DIY vids to watch and learn to do a decent job maybe not a professional but why throw $ away and besides it below the water line won't be visible ...


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    I'm in the US. It's about 1.5 inch in diameter. Going to let the professionals fix it up. Need to schedule that and the first service for next week.

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    Your ski is NOT exactly fiberglass, but rather SMC (sheet molded compound) and you should get an SMC repair kit, its a 2 part epoxy and some glass mat, it will work much better and last forever, I had to fix a 12f where someone had bummped into the left rear corner and punched a hole right through the hull.


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    It's only smc on top deck not the hull. Standard fiberglass repair applies to hull.Pbc where you located ?

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    I'm in west palm beach area. I found a guy who came highly recommended and will make it look new again but it's going to cost me. If it wasn't such a new ski I would most likely do a home patch up job as it's not that bad.

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    the bottom is regular fiberglas so polyester resin and gelcoat will fix it, the top deck is SMC and is best fixed with epoxy.

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