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    looking to buy a 1997 xp 800

    Hi guys,

    i am looking to buy a 1997 xp 800.
    The women wanted 3000$ for it with the trailer and cover.
    Everithing works except the trim gauge but the trim is working.

    First probleme i think it's the crank seal because wen its parked for 3 days there is oil in the cylinders and she as to take off the plugs and crank it
    to take out the oil and after that it starts wright up no problem.

    Second i just did a compression test on it, i did make it run for 1 min and took off the plugs put it WOT and the psi was 140psi and 135psi.
    The motor was done 2 years ago she as the bill and there is wesco stickers on it. I think the psi is supose to be 150psi or more for those engine if i am right.

    Do you think the engine can run for a while like that or i am playing with fire if i buy it ?

    The fiberglass on the hull is damaged from beaching but no hole yet.

    Now i can have it for 2000$

    thanks and sorry for my english i am french, i am doing my best

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    Im not sure where you are located, but that ski, in that condition, should sell for $1000 or less.
    If it was in great condition (no leaky seals) $1800 - $2000

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    hi and thanks for your answer, i am in Quebec, Canada, Gatineau

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    People are crazy here with the price of hold ski's.

    Nothing in great shape for under 3000$ for the years 1992 to 1998.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat77 View Post
    People are crazy here with the price of hold ski's.

    Nothing in great shape for under 3000$ for the years 1992 to 1998.
    That motor has issues. It's going to need a new crank for sure and a top end job soon. It should be around 155psi per cylinder. As it sits she would be lucky to get $1000USD from me regardless of what it looks like or how nice the trailer is... But that trailer sucks. It's too small for that ski.

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    Plus i see the grey tempo fuel lines. Why someone would have engine work done and leave those damn fuel lines makes no sense to me.

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    Maybe you could buy it for no more than 1300 and throw in the 951 motor. That's what I would do

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    Or just find a 99 XPL. You would need the electronics and all to put the 951 in, not very cost effective

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    I can give you one for free, needs a motor

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    Well i did turn my back on that ski.
    iI found a 1995 xp at 1250$ cdn with cover and trailer that look clean but as a crack hull in the back near the seat, i think it would be a easy fix.

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