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    2004 RXP trouble starting in water

    Hey just bought a 2004 RXP with 64 hours on it last fall and am new to the sea-doo's. Had it winterized and then had the supercharger rebuilt on it this spring. I took it out and rode it for an hour or so and then replaced the plugs. Noticed that it would fire up no problem first try on the trailer when flushing it, but when its in the water sometimes it would take a few tries to get it to start. Sometimes it will fire up in the water first try, sometimes it will take 2,3 or 4 tries. But every time out of water it will go first time. Was reading a post and thought maybe it was the starter solenoid so I bought a new one and replaced it but no change. Tried researching but cant really find any info on other things to check. Just wondering if this is a common problem or other things that might be causing this? Hopefully an easy fix. Pretty annoying floating around waiting for the machine to start. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    What is it doing when it will not start? Does it spin over? Does it just spin without hitting and trying? Does it hit here and there but not enough to run? Does it crank and then the starter kicks out after it hits the first time?

    Let us know and maybe we can help.

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    Maybe the battery.

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    It's turning over but not trying, sometimes it turns over for like a second other times it turns over for like 8 seconds but doesn't go. The battery is new last summer and had it on a maintainer all winter.

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