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    RPM's VS. SPEED?

    ski is an SUV only touching on 40 mph...Done a bunch of searches and it looks like my rpms are correct(or at least very close) I would of said they are just under 6850....If my rpms are correct, the only thing it can be is pump, correct?.when I say pump i'm meaning wear ring and impeller....they look pretty good but this must be it, no? nothing hanging down to cause drag

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    Is this GPS speed? If so it is low. Yes your rpm's are not bad. The ski should top @ about 48 to 50, remember, it is an SUV. Good Luck

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    yes, thats why I was asking...rpms seem about perfect but speed is slow...not gps, just the dream o meter...tonight I had another ski pace me, he said 45..thanks!...will do gps when I can keep hose from falling off!

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