I'm very new to this site even though I've spent a lot of time reading.I have an 04 XLT 1200.I've installed a d plate and.. chip a ride plate and intake grate other than that its stock.it is started to b.og really bad right off idle but other than that it runs great.I'm assuming the accelerator pump is gone bad.I haven't done any testing or inspecting yet. Does it affect the dependability with that aftermarket spark arrestors on it and rejetting it.is the gain in horsepower and speed worth the money.it's also gotten really hard to start when cold. Was able to choke and pump the throttle 10× and it would fire up. Know im almost killing the battery. Plugs look good and are a consistent color. I spend alot of time in the ocean wave jumping or fishing. Any feed back would be awsome. Thks!