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    Vetch lost it's mind!

    Alright so I got my tuner yesterday put the Beta 402 tune in the ski, no problem. Went and an rode and was AMAZED. Pulled hard and ran 7960 rpm, this ski is bone stock. Then all of a sudden it started running like complete ass! Didn't pull nearly as hard, and would only run 7070 rpm. And idle like a old hot rod with a cam lope. I was like alright something's up, limped back to the boat ramp. Also noticed the throttle went in "steps" not a curve jumping from one rpm to the next to the next. Got back to the ramp, blipped the throttle on the trailer and there was no rev limiter! It wound up to 8970!! Wtf! Plugged the tuner back in, reloaded the code and everything's back to normal. Found my negative battery cable was pretty loose? Culprit?
    Given this what do you guys think? What about my WOT running rpm of 7960ish sounds a little low?

    Also, anybody put on ODI grips on yet? If you look under the bars the actual handle bar looks metal, but if you push the little rubber piece on the grip back it looks plastic?

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    Mine runs 8080-8180 on the river in illinois. depends on what the water temp is for you. The neg cable will bake things run wacky, so I would assume you pry found the issue. reving it out of the water does make it go to almost 9 grand on the tach, so there is no worries there.

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