It’s been an inside joke for years. After one particular outing with the Kawasaki crew, where we ventured through some severe weather off of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, I lost two pairs of Bomber sunglasses and a favorite pair of goggles. Exposing my eyes to searing salt spray and whipping winds that day left me in an irritable mood the rest of the trip. And since then, whenever I join Kawasaki’s media group, I am been greeted with a complimentary pair of goggles.

Although appreciative of the many pairs of cheapo goggles in my gear bag, my choice of eye protection tends to sway a little more picky. For riding on water, two things are a must – and are intrinsically tied – ventilation and clarity. So often riders resign themselves to whatever is handy, be it a pair of snow goggles, motocross goggles or even swimming goggles. None of these are ideal as they fail to meet the needs of riding a personal watercraft.

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