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    1996 SLTX 1050 to 1999 SLX 1050

    Hey fellas hope all is well. Its been a blast this summer out on the lake hope everyone has enjoyed the weather as much as we have! Just a quick question for fitment really. We have a 97 sl1050 and a 99 slx. Both are the 1050s man are they fun! Anyhow came across a parts ski its a 1996 SLTX 1050 only 80 hours guy beached it. Said hed take $400 for it. I know the crankcase are the same exact part number in all 3. However I noticed at least on bikebandit the cylinders are a different model number. If I was to purchase that for future use of an engine swap if needed would it just bolt in and plug up or is there something different about them that wouldnt work? Greatly appreciate the help! Thanks Chris

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    Yes it would bolt right in and work. Polaris made several revisions to the 700/1050 cylinders over the years.

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