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    in need of some advice regarding Polaris 4 wheeler was very helpful and nice in helping me get my virage txi up and running from a long slumber, many thanks! I now have a 2001 polaris 4x4 wheeler that wont go into 4 wheel drive. Does anyone know a good forum like here to go to. Thanks in advance.

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    Does yours have the electro magnet's? I have torn my wires loose from the struts but usually just one at a time (3 wheel drive). There may be a fuse on yours. Its a strange set up but it works. There is a lag in the front wheels kicking in in a low RPM low voltage situation. That can suck in the winter if you are stopped trying not to slide into a creek. By the time your front wheels start turning the back end is heading down the hill.

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    Polaris 4 wheel drive is funny the front wheels on get power if the rear wheels slip. It is not true 4 wheel drive. There is a mod that you can do that makes it a true 4 wheel drive.

    I will see if I can find the forum that has been the most helpful for me. I have a 2001 sportsman 500

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    Sorry been busy, it is a 500 sportsman ho, yes it is the electro magnet. I heard that the speedo had something to do with it so I change out with 2 others I have but no luck. I checked the wires going to the hubs nothing broke. Anything else I can check? Thanks for your reply.

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    Position of the magnet in the strut is critical. mine wasn't seated all the way & one wheel would not engage.

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