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    Noob Question - How does a 4tec Seadoo charge its battery?

    Topic of discussion came up, How does the charging system work on a 4tec? I did a quick search but didn't find anything.

    Basically, we were talking about people that install stereos on their PWC, and I wasn't sure if the draw from a stereo would kill the battery or not.

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    Rectifier similar to a motorcycle. A sound system is usually fine and will not draw too much power if installed correctly. I had one on my last ski and have made a couple others for forums members and my friends locally. PM me if you need help, make sure you include the ski model.

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    you should be fine. I play music for about 30 minutes at a time on stock battery. I have a kicker system that pulls very little (around 4-5 amps)

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    I believe its just a magneto which motorbikes have. A generator if you will,which supplies voltage to the battery/other electronics while operating.

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