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    fzr refuses to idle, runs great otherwise.

    My stubborn fzr runs perfect. But hates to idle it just flat out dies. Now vacuum leaks...

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    Bad TPS maybe???

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    Scratch the runs out good part. Just tried it again. And only getting 6700rpm. No signs of boost which is odd, checked clutch and it is good. checking tps and bov. No audible or obvious boost leak.

    Had issue with idle last summer but no other issues, it also seemed to work itself out last summer. Worried about throttle body damper...

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    You may also want to check on the following:

    - Rubber dampener connected to throttle body ( should be completely stuck to the mounting. Any slight crack or opening will leak air)
    - Butterfly on throttle body (may be jammed)
    - Supercharger clutch may only rotate one direction but could be on its way out since it doesnt reach full rpm and no boost.

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    Managed to get everything sorted except the idle issue. When I shoved the map sensor back on I forgot to clamp the vacuum line and it popped off. No trouble getting 15 Psi now. Will pull the throttle body

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