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    06 RXP - Trouble Starting

    So I bought an 06 RXP with a supercharger failure. I pulled the motor out and the bottom end off and cleaned it out. Luckily there wasnt too much damage. I reassembled it all. And when I go to start it, it sounds like the timing is off, like it is firing wrong, it turns over a bit and almost locks up and quite a bit of backfiring. If I hold the throttle wide open it turns over like crazy. I never removed the crank or timing chain so I don't see how the timing could be off. It was throwings a CAPS code, not sure if its relevant but im working on chasing that down. Otherwise I'm pretty much stumped. I am hoping it is something simple, but fear the worst. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    So it is throwing a P0344 Cam phase sensor signal missing and a P0339 Crank signal fault not plausible with cam signal

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    Nothing on this?

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    Try a new set of spark plugs. Sounds crazy, but they may be 'iffy'. Next, check compression. If you have decent numbers, remove the spark plug from #3 cylinder (closest to handlebars), put a long zip tie through hole. Turn engine over by putting a socket on the supercharger. Place #3 cylinder at top dead center. Remove head cover (torx bolts) and check 1503 timing marks on cam gear. When #3 is tdc, the cam gear marks should be parallel to the top of the head. If not, the engine was disassembled and reassembled incorrectly before purchasing. Without disassembling it, there isn't much more you can do.
    Good luck!

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    Sorry, didn't see cam sensor issue. It may be a misaligned on the flywheel, the trigger wheel may have been installed incorrectly. I did this by accident, and mine gave similar symptoms.

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    thanks for your reply. I was thinking trigger wheel as well after reading through a service manual. My dad is the one who did the tear down and he wasn't aware the trigger wheel had to be aligned. Is it easy to make a mistake and install it incorrectly?

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    Did you find the problem? I'm currently going through the EXACT situation. I also replaced the supercharger and split the motor to clean it. I have checked the timing several times, tried a couple different tooth setting for timing, no differences. My next plan is to check the fly wheel. I was certain I assembled it right but maybe not. Just wondering what you found.

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    It ended up being the trigger wheel. We didn't realize it had to be aligned when installing and werent careful with that part. Took it apart, realigned it, reassembled the engine and it fired up like a champ.

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    i have exact same problem at the moment after a blown supercharger. the motor was rebuilt and it keeps coming up with the can sensor fault. have replaced all wiring, mpem, ecu, every sensor the flywheel and stator and triger. to no avail, about to pull the motor out again tomorrow for the 4th time. doing my head in and also the bank balance

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