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    New 1995 SLX owner

    I recently bought a 1995 SLX that appeared to be in good condition except the battery and oil injection not working. It appears to be well maintained, very clean in the engine bay. I bought a battery and put in premix fuel. With a little starter fluid help, it started right up. It runs very well (55 plus according to speedo) and takes off strong. I have ridden it 3 times for about 45 minutes each. It has started and ran well each time.

    I have a couple of questions since I am new to pwc riding. First, is it ok to continue running premix without removing all of the injection system(the pump seems hard to get to). It is not using any oil from the tank and runs nice.

    I weigh about 230 pounds. The ski almost seems as if it is barely floating when sitting in the water or very slowly moving. Is that normal for this particular ski? Under power it glides along high in the water. It is not taking on large amounts of water during my ride time. It does get a little in the bilge area, but not enough that I think it is a problem. I think it is ok, but due to my inexperience I want to hear from someone who knows about them.

    I have read a lot on this site and it is very good and very helpful.

    Thanks to you guys for your information and help.

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    Does no one have any words of wisdom for me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pneblett View Post
    Does no one have any words of wisdom for me?
    Busy forum, sometimes posts get missed.


    The SL hulls do ride low in the water. It is common to have some water over the rear deck.

    Not sure how much water you are seeing inside the hull. There should be bilge siphon(s) that suck out water when the jet pump is running in the water. So you should not be seeing any more than maybe a few cupfuls of water inside. Certainly not gallons.

    I presume you have seen my signature links, especially the section for new owners.

    You have the blue Fuji engine. It is recommended to remove the oil pump if it is not being used. There is a small possibility of the pump seizing since it is not pumping oil.

    Or you could reconnect the oil injection system. That would cut your oil consumption roughly in half compared to pre-mixing.

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    ive got a slt 780 and I weigh 280ish. The backend does get submerged on occasion, but then i go and pack two kids on and it doesnt seem to notice. Planes nicely with or without baggage!

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    Thanks guys.

    I thought the post might have gotten lost in the shuffle. This is one of the busiest forums I have seen. I was hoping the low sitting in the water with a load was normal. The amount of water inside was not that great-no more than a pint or so, maybe a quart at the very most-so I was not really all that concerned about that part. It just surprised me that it went so low when I got on and was not really moving. Ah newbies and their lack of knowledge, what can you say? That is why forums like this are so helpful.

    I have read all of the info you pointed out. It is very good and thorough. Thanks for the time and effort you have put into it.

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