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    First Ride, Some Issues;

    Took the ski out for about 30 mins today at the lake. I have a 1996 Polaris 780 SLX, put a new battery in it. Was smoking a bit out the back during my trial run and asap took her back to the dock and inspected everything. I have a little bit of water in the hull maybe a half inch standing in areas. There is no inbetween, when she starts she is idiling at 1300 RPM's with no throttle; makes it extremely hard to dock it. So I'm thinking an issue with the throttle there, also WOT RPM's stop rising at about 4100. I'm not running her anymore now until she is professionally checked out. PWC's are totally out of my understanding with the current issues, way different then cars. I was maybe only doing 18 miles an hours or so, highest was 20. Sounds like it's missing or bogging out coupled with the high idling it was a difficult day, it just won't sit still and idle it automatically revs and goes forward. I'm thinking about just taking it in on Tuesday to Star City Motorsports and having them professionally fix everything and just put in some of the new parts while they are at it.


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    4100 sounds like it might be a rev limiter. 1300 idle is good.

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    it doesnt have neutral its going to move soon as it is started lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by savageman69 View Post
    it doesnt have neutral its going to move soon as it is started lol
    I know that ha, just saying compared to other it seemed faster that's all.

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    Seen there might be a fuse in the black box above battery could put it in limo mode

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